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Move Sammamish

At its core, the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan ensures that the City’s transportation system supports land uses envisioned by the Comprehensive
Plan. The City envisions a future transportation system that serves all users and modes of travel by offering a safe and welcoming transportation network that optimizes connectivity and efficiency while maintaining fiscal sustainability and community character.


Current challenges faced by the City include a relatively disconnected street system, limited transit service, and hilly topography that makes active modes of transportation difficult for many users. These factors combine to create a car-centric transportation system that funnels drivers onto the same few streets.


In order to address these challenges, we will use your input to build a comprehensive projects list and goals and policies that promote more efficient use of existing roads, a shift of traffic to other modes, new technologies, and the funding of projects.

Stay tuned for more information on how to get involved in this exciting process!

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