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Live Sammamish

The Housing Element, or "Live Sammamish" addresses the preservation, improvement, and development of housing, identifies land to accommodate different housing types, and makes provisions for the existing and projected housing needs of all economic segments of the community. Sammamish’s housing element ensures that there will be enough housing to accommodate expected growth in the city, and the variety of housing necessary to accommodate a range of income levels, ages and special needs. At the same time, the element seeks to preserve existing neighborhood character by including policies that will keep new development compatible.

About the Housing Action Plan

In 2021, the Washington Legislature passed House Bill 1220 (HB 1220), which amended the Growth Management Act (GMA) to instruct local governments to “plan and accommodate” for housing affordable to all income levels. The City of Sammamish received a Housing Action Plan (HAP) Grant to perform a Housing Needs Assessment that will support the development of a Housing Action Plan (HAP) to evaluate local socioeconomic and housing conditions, identify local housing needs, and plan for how to city can accommodate them.

This process began with Phase 1 (Summer of 2022) consisting of a public engagement survey and conversations with key stakeholders, which provided insight into the current housing situation and future housing needs. During Phase 2 (Summer-Fall 2022), historical data and projections were used to further evaluate the current housing stock and future needs. This along with the engagement efforts of Phase 1 informed the Housing Needs Assessment.


During Phase 3 (Beginning Mid-November), the City identified and refined strategies and tools for addressing the housing needs outlined in the Housing Needs Assessment. The City hosted a virtual event for the public to provide input on these strategies. If you missed the event, you still have the opportunity to access the presentation and materials.

Proposed housing strategies groups were brought to the City Council for discussion on January 10th and the Planning Commission on January 19th. The Housing Action Plan was brought to the Planning Commission on March 2nd as a draft and again on April 6th for a public hearing. The Planning Commission proposed renaming the plan as the Housing Diversification Toolkit, which was brought to the City Council for review on May 9th and again on June 6th for a public hearing. The City Council unanimously passed a resolution to adopt the Housing Diversification Toolkit.

View the final Housing Diversification Toolkit

View the SEPA Checklist

View the SEPA Determination of Non-Significance

Upcoming Meetings:

April 6th, 2023 - Planning Commission Public Hearing

May 9th, 2023 - City Council Study Session

June 6th, 2023 - City Council Public Hearing 

Housing Strategy Event Materials:

Housing Needs Assessment Summary Handout

Housing Strategies Brochure

Housing Strategies Input Session Presentation

Housing Strategy Event Recordings:














Breakout Session:









Wrap Up:

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