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People are starting to Talk!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Envision Sammamish 2044, City of Sammamish Comprehensive

If you are hearing the buzz, it is because the city is thinking about you. As part of the current Comprehensive Plan Update, City staff are seeking input on what you love and value about living in Sammamish, as well as your concerns and thoughts on how to improve city issues.

We're now in the fifth phase of the update, with public engagement continuing throughout 2023. The community voices heard will impact how Sammamish grows in line with the community vision, state law, and regional policies.

The city aims to make participation informative, interesting, and fun, with a variety of events and activities already held, such as the Planning Summit, City Council and Planning Commission Meetings, community group meetings, and a Valentine’s Day Campaign.

Planning Summit Series Summary

The Summit included five topic-specific sessions, each with an online polling process to collect real-time community input. The Kick-off and Visioning sessions introduced the comprehensive plan update process, while the Housing, Mixed-Use Centers, and Transportation sessions focused on those topics specifically. From November 3 to 16, 2022, the city spoke to 123 individuals during the 5-part Planning Summit. Over 85 attendees participated in the topic-specific dialogues and 23% of attendees were able to join all the events, providing continuity and valuable insights.

The Summit's key findings were that community interests and desires align with the recently completed Community Visioning Project. Participants want to preserve Sammamish's natural resources and integrate them with housing, recreation, and mobility options. They hope for diverse housing and transportation options, as well as mixed-use centers that reflect Sammamish's character and identity. Some expressed concerns about the impact of rapid growth on schools, infrastructure, transportation, and residential neighborhoods.

If you missed the Planning Summit Series or want to revisit the meetings, recordings of each session and a summary report are available on the Envision Sammamish 2044 website.

Sharing the Love

The valentines-inspired campaign brought in many community love letters to the city and the planning team to express their love and hopes for Sammamish.

One of the video-love-letters was featured on the City’s Instagram Page and others were shared during the Feb. 14 City Council Meeting. See the highlights below and all entries will be displayed at City Hall for you to enjoy. All submissions were entered into a drawing for a Sammamish-themed prize.

Let's keep the love flowing and working together to build a brighter future for Sammamish.

Meeting with Youth

Last month, the outreach team engaged with the Sammamish Youth Board and used SLIDO Polls to receive feedback and generate discussion. Additionally, the Rotary Club participated in a game called Sammy Bucks where they provided input on city investments managed by the Mayor and City Council.

Keep an eye out for the Envision Sammamish 2044 Outreach Team as we'll be hosting in-person meetups at Farmer's Markets, Summer Concerts, and focus groups this spring and summer. Please spread the words and reach out if you are part of a community or organization that would like a focus group.

Mark your Calendar and Weigh In

There are more opportunities upcoming. Make sure to sign up for the website newsletter and mark your calendars for the below dates to weigh in on the comprehensive planning drafting process.

First and third Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 pm – In person + virtual - check the engagement page on the EnvisionSammamish2044 website for upcoming meetings where the Comprehensive Plan update is on the agenda.

  • Planning Commission Meetings

First and third Thursdays of each month at 6:30 pm – In person + virtual - check the engagement page on the EnvisionSammamish2044 website for upcoming meetings where the Comprehensive Plan update is on the agenda.

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