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4th Street Parcels

Proposed Land Use Designation Change

The City of Sammamish is considering changes to the land use designations on the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) in the 2024 Comprehensive Plan for 13 parcels along 4th Street, just to the West of Town Center.

These parcels were identified during a city-wide review of current land uses and are seen to be inconsistent with best zoning practices as they consist of low-density zoning adjacent to an area of much higher intensity. The proposed changes to these parcels future land use designation aligns with the City’s goals of creating opportunities for a variety of housing choices, aligning with state and regional planning requirements, and facilitating more dense housing within walkable distance to existing and planned infrastructure, services, and amenities.


Currently, the 13 parcels are identified on the existing FLUM in the 2015 Comprehensive Plan (which mirrors the City's existing zoning map) as low-intensity residential uses, R-1 and R-6. The draft FLUM for the 2024 Comprehensive Plan proposes changing their future land use designation from one of low-intensity residential, a designation called Neighborhood Residential, which allows for R-1 to R-8 zoning, to an increased residential density designation called Urban Residential. The Urban Residential designation will support zoning allowing for multi-family middle housing type development including multi-plex buildings, stacked flats, courtyard apartments, and other forms of large middle housing between Neighborhood Residential and higher-intensity areas like Town Center and Mixed-Use Centers.


2015 Future Land Use Map (Existing)

Exhibit 1 -  2016 Existing Zoning.jpg

2024 Future Land Use Map (Proposed)

Exhibit 3 - Proposed 2024 FLUM.png

Additional Resources

This memo provides further background and reasoning for the proposed land use designation changes.

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