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Plan Elements

The Growth Management Act establishes several mandatory and optional elements to be included in each comprehensive plan. The following elements will serve as the foundation of Envision Sammamish 2044.

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PLAN Sammamish

This section outlines how land is used to meet future population growth while accounting for environmental protection, economic conditions, and community character.

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LIVE Sammamish

This section looks at the ability of the housing stock to house a growing, diverse population.


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MOVE Sammamish

This section covers transportation, including cars, bicycles, pedestrians, and public transportation.

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Sustain Sammamish-03.png

SUSTAIN Sammamish

Play Sammamish-06.png

PLAY Sammamish

Build Sammamish-07.png

BUILD Sammamish

This section focuses on environment, including the protection of habitat areas, planning for natural hazards, protecting air and water quality, and planning for climate change.

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This section encompasses parks, open spaces, athletic fields, and recreation facilities as established in the City's adopted Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan.

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Grow Sammamish-09.png

This section details Capital Facilities needed to support planned population and employment.

PROTECT Sammamish

GROW Sammamish

This section focuses on protection of shorelines areas as established in the City's Shoreline Master Plan.

This section focuses on the economic growth needed to sustain the community.

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